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Here at BetaBox, you don’t have to come to an office to work or meet. We encourage everyone to work-from-home and have meetings online, over the phone, or in development chat rooms.

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At BetaBox, we strive in team environments which use creative and out-of-box thinking to ensure the best customer experience for each client.


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Our BetaBox Family is always growing and taking on new contractors. We are looking for individuals or companies who have the same creative thinking and principles as we do. Join us today!

Contract WordPress Developer
Great contract job for the occasional extra cash!
What we are looking for
  • Must have 3+ years experience in WordPress CMS
  • Must have flexible work schedule for clients
  • Some knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript
  • Able to create wire frames for clients of website for approvals
  • Adobe Photoshop experience and access to application
  • Knowledge of CPanel and MySQL admin
  • Must have 3+ years experience with MySQL Databases
  • Experience with Web Security Platforms (.htaccess, config files, McAfee)
  • Able to create documentation for each project for clients
What you’ll do

Depending on the type of project, the team member will either building or customize an already built template for the client. Before any developing has started, the team member must contact the client to design out a wire frame of the website for client approval.

Once Approved, team member will begin designing elements (logo, icons, etc.) and developing within WordPress. Phases and Milestones of the project will be determined by management based off clients needs in a project plan.

After completion of the project, the client reviews the site and developer will document on how to edit and use the website.

Type: Contract Basis (as needed)

Payment: 30 Days after finalize

Contract Graphic Designer
Looking for Graphic Designer to assist in overflow of projects. Great for extra spending money.
What we are looking for
  • Must have 4+ years experience with Adobe Products and have access to software (Photoshop, Premiere, Acrobat, Fireworks, InDesign, Illustrator)
  • Must have flexible work schedule to work with clients
  • Knowledge of photo compression
  • Must have knowledge of design standards
  • Creativity
What you’ll do

Team member will be contacted by management to assist on projects. Once contacted, team member will contact the client to discuss project scope, design needs and specifications, and time frame. Team Member is to work and potential create multiple versions of product for client to review.

Once completed and client approves some documentation on the project and uploading of source files will be needed to BetaBox Cloud Servers.

Type: Contract Basis (as needed)

Payment: 30 Days after project finalized

Contract Web Application Developers
Looking for talented Web Application Developers for future contracts
What we are looking for
  • Must have a flexible work schedule for clients
  • Must have 5+ years experience in ASP.NET Web forms, MVC 5, HTML 5, CSS3, C#
  • Must have 5+ years experience with SQL Databases and Management Studio
  • Some experience in Team Foundation Server and GIT Repositories
  • Some experience Cloud Services
  • Must have 4+ years experience with Web Services and API’s
  • Must have excellent coding standards and documentation practices
  • Ability to make and understand complex workflows, specifications, and case studies
  • Must have 4+ years experience with Agile Development Environment
  • Experience or knowledge with working with Jira
  • Must have a creativity and out-of-the box thinking!
What you’ll do

Team member will either work individually or within a team of other contract developers to complete the project. Within every project, a scope of work, project plan, wire frames, and specification sheets will need to be generated either by team member or management. Agile sprints will be set up within BetaBox Portal with due dates and expectations of project. Documentation during the project will either by assigned or managed by the developers.

After development is over, a testing phase will occur which developers will need to be a part of to resolve all errors/bugs within the application. Once completed some assistance may be needed to move to client’s server or cloud service.

Type: Contract Basis per project

Payment: Determined by project


BetaBox Technical Solutions is a information technology business dedicated to providing excellent quality of service, affordable pricing, and creative thinking on every project no matter the scope.


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